VA Form 21-686c: Declaration of Status of Dependents

Before a living veteran can sponsor his or her family for CHAMPVA benefits, the veteran must get a permanent and total disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  And that means being entitled to receive a monthly disability compensation … Continue reading

When You Become Ineligible for CHAMPVA Benefits

CHAMPVA is a federal entitlement program.  Your enrollment is based on your eligibility through a qualifying veteran sponsor.  But just because you are found eligible at one time does not mean you always will be.  Life changes such as marriage, … Continue reading

How to Claim a Dependent for VA Disability Compensation

If you are rated permanently and totally disabled (P&T) by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and you qualify to sponsor your loved ones for CHAMPVA benefits, you should claim them as dependents before enrolling them in CHAMPVA.  Eligible veterans are … Continue reading

CHAMPVA Forms for Beneficiaries

There are VA forms a CHAMPVA beneficiary uses for different purposes, such as to add a dependent, file a claim, request authorization, provide health insurance information or get medicine.  Read the instructions in each form you use carefully!  Do not … Continue reading

How to Apply for CHAMPVA Benefits for a Child

Just like the spouse or widow/widower, the dependent child of a qualified veteran sponsor can avail of CHAMPVA benefits. The process is similar as when you apply for CHAMPVA benefits for a spouse. Of course, the documents that establish the … Continue reading