Guide to CHAMPVA Online Resources

We have put together a list of CHAMPVA related links for your convenience.   Most of these links point to material at the official VA CBOPC website.  Please note, however, that we don’t promise it is all-inclusive.  Also, if the VA site is updated, some links or information here may become outdated.  We are connected with the VA or any government body.


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  • Official CHAMPVA home page – New to CHAMPVA?  Start at this page.
  • CHAMPVA Guide – Comprehensive handbook for beneficiaries.  Most of your questions about CHAMPVA should be answered here. You’ll learn about the nature of the program, covered and non-covered services, claim filing, costs, impact of Medicare and other health insurance, eligibility requirements, contact details,  words and acronyms and more.  The handbook isn’t reprinted each year though, so recent changes might not appear there.
  • CHAMPVA Policy Manual – If you are looking for specific information and you can brave the technical language, here is the authority on CHAMPVA (along with laws and regulations).  More authoritative than the general guide above.  NOTE:  It might be prudent not to try to interpret this manual on your own.  Contact the VA instead if you have any doubt/questions.
  • CBOPC Program Informational Fact Sheets – Big list of fact sheets about CHAMPVA and other similar programs.  These are PDF files.
  • CBOPC Contact Information – How to contact CHAMPVA?  Click here to see a list of phone numbers, fax numbers, email and mailing addresses.  You can order forms, verify eligibility status, check your annual deductible or catastrophic cap, or follow up on claims over the phone. Note: the CBOPC is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs and it administers CHAMPVA.


  • CHAMPVA Eligibility – Goes into detail about eligibility requirements.  If you have any doubt or questions, contact the VA.
  • How to Apply for CHAMPVA – If you believe you qualify for CHAMPVA benefits, here is the application process.  Includes required forms, supporting documents and mailing address to submit to.


  • Forms for CBOPC Programs – This list of forms include the forms you will need for CHAMPVA applications, claims and prescription orders.


  • Pharmacy Benefits – Explains the pharmacy coverage for CHAMPVA beneficiaries.
  • Meds by Mail – Find your Meds by Mail Servicing Center here, and also answers to frequently asked questions about the program.
  • Top 200 meditations – Some of the medications that Meds by Mail can fill.
  • Meds by Mail brochure – Basic information about the VA’s free prescription refill program like eligibility, benefits, limitations and order instructions.


  • VA Dental Insurance Program –  Enrolled veterans and CHAMPVA beneficiaries can now purchase dental insurance through VADIP.  Find out all about it at the official page.  As of this writing (April 2015), two insurance carriers offer multiple plans: Delta Dental and MetLife.
  • VADIP Frequently Asked Questions – Have a question about VADIP?



  • Locating a Provider – Help for CHAMPVA beneficiaries looking for a health care provider who accepts CHAMPVA.
  • CHAMPVA Information for Providers – Some providers either don’t know what CHAMPVA is, or they confuse it with TRICARE.  Get answers to common questions here.

ATTENTION: is an unofficial, privately owned website that is NOT connected with the VA or the government. Please do not use this site as an alternative to official sources such as the official CHAMPVA site. To find a specific page or resource, see a list of CHAMPVA resource links.

We do not guarantee that the information at our website is 100% correct or accurate, nor that changes in government laws, policies and benefits will be reflected immediately on this websitePlease always check with official sources before doing anything with your CHAMPVA coverage!

We will NEVER ask for your personal/sensitive information relating to your VA benefits, medical information, etc. We will NEVER attempt to contact you either promising or soliciting information about your CHAMPVA benefits! Please DO NOT attempt to send messages to this website about CHAMPVA benefits, claims, applications, etc. We are not the VA, and our website has no encryption to protect data!

If you need to contact CHAMPVA, check the official VA contact info here! Read about their warnings and communication safety here.


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