How to Fill Prescriptions with Meds by Mail

The CHAMPVA Meds by Mail program helps beneficiaries obtain maintenance drug rrefills at no cost. When your doctor writes you a new prescription, you can submit it to the pharmacy service and have the medicine delivered to your home.  You only need to fill out a form once for every new prescription, though there is a limit to the number of days and refills allowed.


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Meds by Mail is a free pharmacy mailing service.  Once you place an order, your medicine will be sent directly to your home.  You can order refills conveniently by phone or mail before your supply runs out.  This service is similar to the VA pharmacy benefit that veterans have.

Even when you use Meds by Mail, you can still visit a local retail pharmacy and buy medicine there when you need to.  CHAMPVA urges beneficiaries to use a local pharmacy for urgent cases (because delivery takes time), or when you need a brand-name medicine and no generic equivalent is available.

Filling a New Prescription

To fill a new prescription:

  1. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for at least 30 days, but no more than 90 days plus refills (cannot exceed 1 year).
  2. Fill out VA Form 10-0426, Meds By Mail Order Form completely.
  3. Submit the original prescription along with the form to the appropriate CHAMPVA address(depends on your location).

Make sure your name, date of birth and Social Security Number are written correctly in the form.  Your prescription will not be filled without your SSN and other personal identifying information.

Refilling a Prescription

You can order refills in one of two ways:

  • By phone:  Call 1-888-370-1699 and follow the voice prompts.
  • By mail: Send back the refill slip that comes with your order.

Do not delay your refill requests as it may take up to 21 days to process refills.   Instructions, number of refills left and prescription expiration date can be found in your refill slip.


  • Do not delay your prescription refill requests.  Allow for approximately 3 weeks’ processing time.
  • Use Meds by Mail only for non-urgent, maintenance medicine.
  • Use a local pharmacy for urgent situations.
  • Keep your contact and address details up-to-date.  Call the Meds by Mail Pharmacy Servicing Center at 1-888-385-0235 for any changes to your information.
  • You cannot use Meds by Mail if you have other health insurance with pharmacy coverage (other than a CHAMPVA supplement).  Contact the VA Health Administration Center for changes to your OHI information.


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