What do you do when a CHAMPVA card is lost?  Is there any danger it will be misused? How can you prevent unauthorized use of your CHAMPVA benefits?


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When You Lose Your CHAMPVA Card

Every CHAMPVA beneficiary is issued an authorization card bearing his or her name and coverage period. If your CHAMPVA authorization card gets lost or stolen, you will be issued a replacement card. Report the theft or loss to the VA Health Administration Center and provide your member information including your SSN, name and date of birth.

Contact CHAMPVA via phone, mail or email to ask for a replacement card.

Can You Use CHAMPVA If You Lose Your Card?

If you are already a registered patient of your provider, all you may need to show on a visit is a valid ID card such as a driver’s license.  You can also suggest they can verify your eligibility by contacting CHAMPVA directly in the absence of your health insurance card.

If making purchases at a retail pharmacy, you can also use your CHAMPVA pharmacy card instead of your regular CHAMPVA card.

CHAMPVA Card Care Tips

  • Keep your card in a safe place.
  • Never write your SSN on your card.
  • After presenting your card to your provider, always make sure you get it back.
  • Do not let a provider or pharmacy keep your card.  However, they may legally make a photocopy.
  • Report change of eligibility status immediately.  If you get divorced, for example, and you were sponsor to your ex-spouse, you should report the change right away to prevent unauthorized use of CHAMPVA benefits.
  • Do not give out your SSN to just anyone.  Beware of people who contact you soliciting personal information.
  • Beware of Meds by Mail scams, and other health insurance related scams.



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