Recently, the official websites for the Health Administration Center and Non-VA Medical Care were moved to a new site under the Chief Business Office Purchased Care (CBOPC) which administers these programs.


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To help visitors find the information they need more quickly, here is a compilation of the most current official pages about CHAMPVA.  This list includes links to home pages, brochures and forms.

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Program Guides



This page was last updated on: April 14, 2015


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For the most current information about CHAMPVA, please visit the official CHAMPVA site. Or to find a specific page or resource, see a list of CHAMPVA resource links. Please always check with official sources before doing anything with your CHAMPVA coverage!

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If you need to contact CHAMPVA, check the official VA contact info here! Note, the VA warns that email is not secure and that they will NOT send you personal or sensitive information through email. Read more about their warnings and communication safety here.


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