Where to Find CHAMPVA Providers

There is no official directory, listing or network of participating CHAMPVA providers.  But you still have several options to find a doctor that accepts your health coverage.  Simply ask the provider (whether hospital, clinic, individual practitioner, etc.) before you are seen.  You can also look up TRICARE and Medicare-approved providers.  In any case, make sure your provider will accept CHAMPVA and bill the VA directly; otherwise you could be responsible for paying a very large medical bill.


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Finding a Doctor That Accepts CHAMPVA

The VA Health Administration Center doesn’t keep a list of CHAMPVA providers.   However you can find out if a doctor accepts it or not by calling their office before you make arrangements.

When you call a provider’s office, explain that you have CHAMPVA health coverage and any other health insurance (if you have one).  Ask if the provider accepts assignment and agrees to take only the CHAMPVA allowable amount.  If they accept CHAMPVA, they will bill the VA directly and charge you only your cost share after the VA has paid.

Make sure the provider understands that it is CHAMPVA and not TRICARE/CHAMPUS.  Give the correct information such as the CHAMPVA official site, claims address and phone number.  Show or refer to your CHAMPVA authorization card.

Alternatively, you can use provider networks of other health care programs that are similar to CHAMPVA, namely TRICARE/CHAMPUS and Medicare.  See below.

Searching TRICARE Providers

TRICARE physicians will often accept CHAMPVA beneficiaries as well.  CHAMPVA pays similarly to TRICARE as well as Medicare (below).  To find a TRICARE provider, see find a doctor.  Make it clear that you are a CHAMPVA beneficiary, not TRICARE.  Do not make arrangements with a provider until you are sure they accept CHAMPVA.

Searching Medicare Providers

Medicare providers may also take in CHAMPVA patients.  Make sure to explain whether you have only CHAMPVA, or both Medicare and CHAMPVA. To search, go to Medicare Physician Compare page.

If you still cannot find a suitable provider, don’t hesitate to contact CHAMPVA via their phone number or mailing address.

Using your CHAMPVA health benefits means finding the right physician first.  Before you make an appointment with a doctor, verify that he or she will accept CHAMPVA.  Using the services of a provider who does not “accept assignment” as it’s referred to, may lead to unexpectedly high costs when the bill arrives. So choose your provider carefully.

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