CHAMPVA Identification Card: Authorization Card

When a person is enrolled in CHAMPVA benefits, he or she receives a CHAMPVA authorization card or identification card. Each card presents information about the beneficiary and details on how and where to file claims or contact customer service.  Present your card to your provider as you would a health insurance card.  Please keep in mind a CHAMPVA card alone does not guarantee coverage.  Only the VA Health Administration Center can verify your eligibility.


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If you don’t have a CHAMPVA card and are wondering what it looks like, here’s a picture.  The image has been modified to make it suitable for display.

At the top left of the card, you see a header that reads, “Department of Veterans Affairs – Health Administration Center – CHAMPVA” with the green CHAMPVA logo.

On the top right opposite that, you see “Open Access – No Referral Required.”  (If your provider asks if referral is required with your CHAMPVA health coverage, you say no.)

Below that under Beneficiary Name, is the full name of the CHAMPVA beneficiary, who is also the patient receiving health care.

CHAMPVA Authorization and Identification Card

A sample CHAMPVA authorization card.

Underneath that is the Member Number; that is, your CHAMPVA member ID.  Currently, the member ID of a beneficiary is the same as his or her Social Security Number.  Hence the field reads Patient SSN.  For security reasons, CHAMPVA does not print SSN’s in its cards.  When your provider asks for your CHAMPVA member ID, you must disclose your Social Security Number to them.

After the statement This is your Authorization Card, you will find the Effective Date and the Expiration Date of your CHAMPVA card.  Both are given in American-style date format: month/day/year not day/month/year.

At the bottom next to the VA form number for the card, you will see another date.

On the back of the CHAMPVA card, you will find information such as where to mail claims.

The CHAMPVA authorization card is not a photo ID card.  As such, you cannot use it for identification like you could a driver’s license or passport.  You use your card only to present to your health care provider to show you are enrolled in CHAMPVA benefits.

If you lose it, you can get a replacement CHAMPVA card.

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