CHAMPVA Inhouse-Treatment Initiative Program (CITI) List of Participating Medical Facilities

The CHAMPVA Inhouse Treatment Initiative program under the Department of Veterans Affairs allows eligible CHAMPVA beneficiaries to receive care at participating VA health care facilities for free. Each VA facility must decide if it will join in the program or not.  If it does, services are rendered on a space-availability basis, as veterans themselves – as opposed to their dependents who are on CHAMPVA – are the priority.  So even if you find a CITI facility near you,  contact them first to make sure you can be seen there and that the service(s) you need is available.  Also, participation in CITI may change each year depending on a facility’s capability.


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As of May 2012, these are the VA medical facilities that participate in the CHAMPVA CITI Program.  Facilities that once participated but have discontinued or currently are not accepting new patients are also noted.

Just because a VA medical facility is listed here as available doesn’t guarantee you will be accepted there.

For the most up-to-date list and contact information of these facilities, click here.

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List of VA Medical Facilities That Participate in CITI


  1. Birmingham
  2. Montgomery
  3. Tuscaloosa


  1. Tucson


  1. Fayetteville
  2. Little Rock
  3. Texarkena Clinic


  1. Loma Linda (not accepting new patients)
  2. Long Beach
  3. Martinez (not accepting new patients)
  4. Palo Alto (not accepting new patients)
  5. Redding
  6. San Francisco
  7. West LA


  1. Grand Junction (not accepting new patients)


  1. West Haven


  1. Wilmington


  1. Bay Pines (not accepting new patients)
  2. Gainesville, Lake City VAMCs (not accepting new patients
  3. Miami
  4. Tampa (not accepting new patients)
  5. West Palm Beach


  1. Augusta (not accepting new patients)


  1. Chicago, West Side
  2. Danville
  3. Hines
  4. Marion
  5. North Chicago


  1. Marion
  2. Indianapollis


  1. Des Moines
  2. Iowa City
  3. Mason City Clinic
  4. Fort Dodge Clinic
  5. Knoxville
  6. Duburque Clinic
  7. Waterloo Clinic
  8. Quad Cities Clinic
  9. Galesburg Clinic
  10. Quincy Clinic


  1. Topeka
  2. Wichita (not accepting new patients)
  3. Leavenworth VAMC


  1. Lexington (not accepting new patients)
  2. Louisville
  3. Bellevue


  1. Shreveport (not accepting new patients)


  1. Togus


  1. Perry Point


  1. Boston
  2. Northampton


  1. Allen Park/Detroit
  2. Iron Mountain


  1. Minneapolis (not accepting new patients)
  2. St. Cloud (not accepting new patients)


  1. Biloxi


  1. Columbia
  2. Kansas City
  3. St. Louis


  1. Fort Harrison (not accepting new patients)


  1. Omaha

New Hampshire

  1. Manchester

New Jersey

  1. East Orange
  2. Hackensack
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Hamilton
  5. James J. Howard
  6. Jersey City
  7. Morriston
  8. Tinton Falls
  9. Paterson
  10. Piscataway

New York

  1. Albanay
  2. Bath
  3. Bronx
  4. Buffalo
  5. Canandalgua
  6. New York
  7. Northport
  8. Rome Clinic
  9. Syracuse

North Carolina

  1. Asheville (not accepting new patients)


  1. Chillicothe
  2. Cincinnati (not accepting new patients)
  3. Cleveland
  4. Brecksville Campus
  5. Canton Clinic
  6. Sandusky
  7. Mansfield Clinic
  8. Akron Clinic
  9. Painsville Clinic
  10. Wade Park Clinic
  11. Youngstown Clinic
  12. Lorain Clinic
  13. McCafferty Clinic
  14. East Liverpool
  15. Warren Campus
  16. Ravenna Campus
  17. New Philadelphia


  1. Altoona
  2. Lebanon
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Wilkes Barre (not accepting new patients)
  5. Camp Hill Clinic
  6. Redding Clinic (not accepting new patients)
  7. Lancaster Clinic
  8. Pottsville Clinic
  9. York Clinic

Puerto Rico

  1. San Juan (not accepting new patients)

Rhode Island

  1. Providence

South Dakota

  1. Forth Meade


  1. Memphis (no longer accepting patients after March ’09)
  2. Mountain Home (stopped participating March ’09)
  3. Murfreesboro (stopped participating March ’09)
  4. Nashville (stopped participating March ’09)
  5. Tennessee Valley HCS (stopped participating March 2009)


  1. Amarillo
  2. Lubbock (not accepting new patients)
  3. Clovis (not accepting new patients)
  4. Dallas (not accepting new patients)
  5. Houston
  6. Longview Clinic
  7. San Antonio (not accepting new patients)
  8. Temple (not accepting new patients)
  9. Kerrville Clinic (not accepting new patients)
  10. South Bexar(not accepting new patients)
  11. Victoria (not accepting new patients)
  12. Laredo Clinic (not accepting new patients)
  13. McAllen Clinic (not accepting new patients)
  14. Corpus Christi Clinic (not accepting new patients)
  15. Harlingen (not accepting new patients)


  1. Salt Lake City (stopped participating October ’06)


  1. White River Junction


  1. Richmond

West Virginia

  1. Beckley
  2. Clarksburg
  3. Huntington


  1. Milwaukee
  2. Tomah (not accepting new patients)


  1. Chenne

List of U.S. States That Do Not Have Participating VA Medical Facilities in CITI Program

As of May 2012, the following states do not have any VA health facilities that take part in the CITI Program:

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. Nevada
  4. New Mexico
  5. North Dakota
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Oregon
  8. Washington

What Is CITI?

The CHAMPVA Inhouse Treatment Initiative is a program that allows CHAMPVA beneficiaries get services for free at participating VA health facilities.  You do not pay anything out of pocket for services offered to you at a CITI participant.

CITI is a voluntary program.  That means it is up to the director of each VA medical facility to decide whether or not to join or continue to be a part of the program.

Services offered to CHAMPVA beneficiaries vary from location to location, as it depends on unused capacity.  Before you go to a facility for treatment, contact them first and ask if there are services available for your specific needs.  The final decision whether or not you will be accepted rests on that facility.

Medicare, PPO and HMO beneficiaries are ineligible to receive services through CITI. See also official page.

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