CHAMPVA Application and Claim Filing Tips

Submitting CHAMPVA applications and claims is like sending paperwork to other government agencies: specific forms are required along with supporting documents.  The more thorough and organized you are with your paperwork, the faster they can be processed.  It also helps reduce the chances of unnecessary denials and delays.  Take home some tips to help with your claims.  You will find some of these in the CHAMPVA material you received when you first enrolled in the program.


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Tips for Applying and Filing Claims at CHAMPVA

Submit optional documents that can make processing faster.

Sometimes you can send optional supporting evidence along with the required CHAMPVA forms.   Do this whenever possible to speed up application and claim filing.  Use photocopies!

Use standard paper size for documents.

The VA Health Administration Center prefers that you send all supporting documents in standard Letter size, 8 1/2 x 11″.  If you have small pieces of documents to attach, make photocopies of them on standard-sized paper.

Send photocopies of supporting documents, not originals.

Do not send originals with your CHAMPVA forms unless specifically required.  Keep your originals.  Of course, each CHAMPVA form you submit must be original and signed with the required signatures.

Check the VA Health Administration Center online for the latest forms.

It’s a good idea to check the official CHAMPVA web page for the most current forms.  Download the fillable PDF files and use those.

Make sure you get all names correctly.

Spell names in your forms correctly.  Do not use the veteran sponsor’s name where you should enter the beneficiary’s name.  CHAMPVA also asks people to distinguish between family members with similar names by adding the middle name in the forms.

Do not staple or tape paperwork together.

CHAMPVA converts paperwork into electronic documents.  Do not staple, tape or otherwise stick pages together.  This will help avoid problems during scanning.

Do not forget your OHI information if you have one.

If you have a health insurance plan that pays before CHAMPVA does, don’t forget to submit its Explanation of Benefits so CHAMPVA can compute your claim correctly.

Check your paperwork.

Review your CHAMPVA claim package to make sure everything is in order.  Did you fill in the forms completely?  Have you included all supporting evidence?

Get a birth certificate and Social Security Number for a newborn child as soon as possible.

It’s important to claim CHAMPVA benefits for your newborn baby as soon as you can.  An infant is covered by the mother’s own CHAMPVA benefits only for the first few days of life.  You may become responsible for other charges incurred during your baby’s care if you do not add him or her to your CHAMPVA coverage soon.

Use the same name in all your documents.

When you see a provider, use your name just as it appears in your CHAMPVA authorization card.  This will help avoid any confusion and save time in processing claims.

See how to file a CHAMPVA claim.

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